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Myton Area Dinosaurs

Written by Miah Arnold Mankad

Oh so many years ago, Dinosaurs ran rampant in the Uintah Basin. Proof is everywhere — from the fossilized turtles eggs discovered by local, amateur archaeologists to the full size skeletons of long bygone beasts. Nice to know, you say, but pictures are worth a thousand words — right? We webmasters at the Myton site agree. Please bookmark this page and return to it in the future. We have a museum full of specimens, and as soon as we’re able to get them photographed and scanned into the computers, they’ll be available for your perusal. This page will be updated within the next few months.

If you’re interested in dinosaurs, however, don’t fret. Here’s a list of links to local sites that should get you on your way:



    Welcome to the Rock Art section of the Myton, Utah website. Most of the following photos were taken within 30 miles of Myton. Some are located in Pleasant Valley, about five miles away. Enjoy…

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    If you’re interested in things nearby Myton, here’s a list of links to local sites that might be of interest to you: