Myton City

Welcome to Myton, Utah!

 Mark your calendar
  • May 25, 2023 – The National Weather Service has issued a “MINOR” floodwatch for the Duchesne River at Myton.  Visit the National Weather Service site for more information.  Click on the NWS link above to go to the site.  We have sandbagged all areas inside Myton City that may be affected.  Once again the key word here is “MINOR”.
  • This is a link to the Myton City Facebook site.
Strata Hotspot
  • Strata Net is hosting a Hot Spot here in Myton City at the Pavillion Park.  A big shout out to Dakota Bruns and Veldon Rowley for their hard work on this project.  At this time there won’t be any password required.  Just pull up to the pavillion area and login!

Current Notices